Our environmental effort in Japan

Environmental policy

Japan Kanigen Co., Ltd. recognizes the conservation of global environment as one of our high-priority issues. We contribute to the protection of the global environment through electroless plating related projects.

  1. Observance of laws
    • The strict observation of the regulations, the ordinance and the agreement concerning environmental preservation is a primary obligation.
  2. Development of environmentally friendly technologies
    • To develop and promote the application of environmentally friendly products and technologies which contribute to the society.
  3. Safe and positive atmosphere to the workplace
    • To provide a safe and positive atmosphere to the workplace, according to the improvement of resource and energy conservation, the reduction of waste, the management of the chemicals and poisonous materials and to continuously reduce the negative environmental impact.
  4. Setting objectives, promotion, and review
    • To set an environmental purpose and objectives through activity at each office, to promote the prevention of environmental pollution and the maintenance of the regional environment continuously, and to review them regularly.

This policy is disclosed so that people within and outside the company may obtain it.

April 1, 2011
Japan Kanigen Co., Ltd.